Frequently Asked Flooring Questions

What is process is involved when my floors get polished?
  • The customer ensures the floors are cleared of all furniture.
  • We then sand the floors with a drum sander, using various techniques and grits of sandpaper.
  • A sealer is applied, followed shortly by the second coat.
  • You should not walk on this at all as this coat takes 24 hours to dry.
  • We return the following day (usually in the afternoon to allow time to dry) to apply the final coat. We suggest to remove your shoes and avoid moving furniture for at least 48 hours after your floor has been polished.
  • It takes 7 days for the polyurethane to fully cure.
What is the difference between Gloss, Satin and Matt finishes?

A Gloss finish is very shiny.
Satin is like a semi-gloss and Matt finish has no shine at all and has a dull finish.

What is the difference between moisture-cured polyurethane and water borne polyurethane?

Moisture cured is a solvent based polyurethane and is very strong smelling and takes 24 hours to harden. Water borne is a water-based polyurethane, which is non-smelling and only takes 4 to 12 hours to dry.

My existing polished floors need reglazing, what process is involved?

Your floors will require a light disc sand and apply one to two coats of polyurethane.

Can I stay in my home while you are sanding & polyurethaning?

In the first stages of sanding you can stay in your home.
Once the floor has had polyurethane applied we recommend you find alternative accommodation as you will not be able to walk on the floor and the smell is very strong if moisture-cured polyurethane is used.

How long before we can walk on our floors again?

We recommend 24 hours for moisture-cured polyurethane and between 4 to 12 hours for waterbase.

When will the smell disappear?

We recommend that once the polyurethane has had time to dry you open all windows and keep them open as long as possible. If you open your windows too early before the polyurethane has had time to dry dust and debri may settle on your floor. The smell is usually gone within 48 hours.

When can I move my furniture back?

If you move your furniture back too soon you will mark your floors. We recommend to wait at least 48 hours and place pieces of felt or material under tables and chairs to help protect your newly polished floors.

What cleaners can I use on my floors?

We recommend you use 1 cup of methylated spirits mixed in with bucket of hot water and mop. Some household detergents can be abrasive and dull your floor over a period of time.